W o r l d  P e a c e  S i g n

D a w n   o f   P e a c e   o n   E a r t h

The World Peace Sign elegantly arranges flags of the world into a multi-cultured colourful peace sign. What better way to say World Peace without using words?!

It is made up of 208 national flags arranged in alphabetical order with some exceptions for aesthetic reasons. Starting with Afghanistan at the top of the outer circle and ending with Zimbabwe at the bottom of the right side diagonal.

The flags trace the peace sign in the following order:

1. outer circle
2. inner circle
3. left vertical line
4. right vertical line
5. top left diagonal
6. bottom left diagonal
7. top right diagonal
8. bottom right diagonal

© 2016, World Peace Sign was invented and produced by Ulf Enhörning - summerclouds.com