I am an Artist, Musician and Programmer (AMP).

As an artist, I have had over 100 exhibitions in Canada, US and Sweden. I paint mainly in oils on site in the country or in the city. Or i'll paint from imagination in my studio. There are over 750 paintings in a searchable database on my website: summerclouds.com.

As a musician, I sing, play guitar and harmonica and write folk-pop songs in English and Swedish. My songs can be found here: soundcloud.com/summerclouds and here.
My song lyrics are here.

As a programmer, I have written software that composes music and have made many innovative flash animations written in ActionScript.
See FlashinFashion.com.

My art website summerclouds.com was written in JavaScript, JQuery, PHP, MySQL, CSS and HTML.

And the World Peace Sign itself was produced by a program I wrote in ActionScript.

© 2016, World Peace Sign was invented and produced by Ulf Enhörning - summerclouds.com